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Battle of the Canadian Babes Round Two: Evangeline Lilly vs Kristin Kreuk vs Emmanuelle Chriqui

Last week I unintentionally picked three of the hottest (natural) blondes from Canada and it was the Elisha Cuthbert to rule them all. By, like, a buttload. This week I have 3 of my personal favorite brunette Canucks even though I didn't intentionally plan it that way either. You'll know when I'm intentional. Evangeline Lilly I might not have ended up being a "Lost"...
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Battle of the Canadian Babes Round One: Rachel McAdams vs Elisha Cuthbert vs Sarah Chalke

I am going to give all of you a couple more days to get votes in for last week's Battle of the Babes because West Coast vs East Coast vs Down South are still so close to call. Don't forget to cast a decision there after we just right into one of my favorite places in the world! America's Hat and all the babes tucked within! Rachel McAdams Four our first trio of...
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