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Evangeline Lilly shows some leg and drops some F-bombs in Nylon Guys

You might not guess it to look at Evangeline Lilly or even venture the estimation based on her mild-mannered Canadian roots, but the former star of "Lost" and current babe in THE HOBBIT movies has quite the trucker's mouth on her. In her interview with Nylon Guys magazine, Lilly acquiesces what it was like for her to grow up being greeted by modeling and acting agents who...

Canadian songbird Carly Rae Jepsen turns into a fashionista at the Badgley Mischka Store Opening

She might be indifferent to whether or not you call her when she gives you her number, but when it comes to making a splash when people are paying attention, Carly Rae Jepsen has picked up the right way to handle the situation. The singer was on hand Wednesday night in New York City for the grand opening of a Badgley Mischka (which I look at and think - it sucks that I had to keep checking...

How I Told Cobie Smulders Happy Birthday Today

She was born Jacoba, a feminine version of the name Jacob, which sorta makes sense why Cobie Smulders decided to change her name for celebrity purposes. It woulda been cooler if her original last name was Sparkles, but we can't have it all. Today is Cobie's 31st birthday and for a MILF who had a kid with one of the latter year "SNL" skit members (her baby daddy is Taran Killam, who she just...

Hot or Not: Cobie Smulders

It's popular to hate Nicholas Sparks and the trite romance novels that he churns out faster than King can kill the next of his characters that you care about in one of his books. It's even scarier how popular the movies based on Sparks' books become, in spite or despite the fanboy hatred. With SAFE HAVEN , will those most lengen.... wait for it.... dary of you fans overlook your...

Hot or Not: Melissa Molinaro

Back in the classic movies day, if you had an odd or an ethnic or a "Un-American" sounding first or last name, the movie studios would encourage you to change it. Hell, if your name was Norma Jean Baker, they'd tell you that wasn't sexy enough. When you're an Ontario girl born Melissa Smith and your career isn't getting any traction, you reach into your Italian roots and move forward....

Shania Twain has still got it in all the right places

I can't stand country music. Shit has always gotten on my last nerve with all that twangy, fake cowboy nonsense. They do got some hotties singing that shit though - hotties like Shania Twain , who just made her comeback with a sold out Vegas show last night after 8 years off the scene. And what a comeback it was for Shania. I might have despised her music all through the 90s when she was big,...

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