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Katherine McNamara is gorgeous both in the dark and the light

It's easy to dismiss a lot of these women we post around here as mere pretty faces, making eyes for the magazine or looking hot for the movie and not much else. Every once in a while though you run across one who is both a full-fledged hottie and a truly smart person. Katherine McNamara belongs to the latter group. The MAZE RUNNER star might even qualify as a true genius. After all, not many...

Maitland Ward is a slutty Mrs. Santa sucking on some sweets

Well we've had quite a year with all these Maitland Ward pics. Some ups, some downs, some kinda hot, some rather nasty. There are a number of different things one could say about this unabashed attention hound. Does she come off desperate for attention? Yes. Pointless and shallow? Sure. Somewhat sweaty and diseased? Occasionally. Would I still do her? Yeah, probably. Just being honest,...

I'm a fan of Emmy Rossum being a fan of basketball

As I've said many times in the past, I'm not a fan of sports. They just don't call out to me. I'm not competitive and when everyone else was outside throwing a football around and tackling each other, I was inside my house pretending my kitchen was a Golden Corral and I was the only patron there. After that, I'd go to the living room and watch TOY STORY and THE MUMMY on repeat for the...

Maria Sharapova looks sweet at the launch of Sugarpova in NYC

She didn't make it all that high on my Top Ten Sexiest Athletes list, but Maria Sharapova isn't let that take the sweet out of her new product, a line of candies aptly named Sugarpova. In fact, the tennis star is hoping that she can legally change her last name from Sharapova during the US OPEN and then revert back after the tournament is over. This is a first for Florida state's laws, so...

Miley Cyrus I like but this Channing a Tatum business looks creepier than that Leibovitz infamous picture

It's been a full 24 hours or so since the mock music video that Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum made as a joke for the Jimmy Kimmel show has been out, so I'm sure that you've all seen it and it's old news by now. The best that I can bring you is behind-the-scenes images of the part Miley Cyrus played in that debacle. The little short-haired hottie that brings up the most would/wouldn't you...

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