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Hottie Report Card: Emily VanCamp

We've already paid a ton of attention to the two hotties on the front line of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. A 3rd and once again unjustly sidelined hottie in this latest MCU blockbuster is Emily VanCamp , who plays Agent 13, aka Sharon Carter. It's no big surprise Emily's character is pushed to the background here. With so many Marvel heroes squeezed into one movie, it's the...
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Flashback Friday: Remember Scarlett Johansson before she was Black Widowed?

By this time next week many of us will have indulged in the full onslaught of Scarlett Johansson's 5th outing as Black Widow in the imminent CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. But before this happens, I thought we might take a short trip in the wayback machine to a not-so-long ago time when Scarlett had yet to make the Russian ass-kicker the cornerstone of her career. Most of us...
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Face Off: Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell) vs. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)

Points wise, Olivia Munn had the advantage last week . Despite this, the votes went for Lauren Cohan . Sounds okay to me. Olivia is hot and I enjoy the sight of her, but Lauren is quite the looker too. They're both great choices. I can't fault anyone's selection there. This week sees the return of Agent Carter and the blissful joy which comes with weekly doses of Hayley...
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It's a Face Off Thanksgiving: Hayley Atwell vs. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

It was more indication that the whole damn planet is in love and lust with Jennifer Lawrence when she won the majority of votes from Amber Heard in last week's Face Off . She is extremely lovable for sure. You can't go wrong with her. Then again, Amber is kinda foolproof herself. So there really wasn't a wrong answer there. Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. What...
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Minka Kelly rocks the hot yoga pants to make a play for the Captain's virginity

Some curious points being brought up by these here pics. Sure, that's just Chris Evans and Minka Kelly taking their shelter dogs out for a walk in some West Hollywood tinderbox, as is the fashionable thing for the celebs to do. Slowly the well bred fur balls that were vogue are being replaced with far more socially acceptable strays plucked fresh from some dingy LA alleyways. I approve of...
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BOTB Avengers: Hulk vs Thor vs Ironman vs Captain America vs Hawkeye

Deborah Ann Woll might have done the otherwise impossible... bested fan favorite Rosario Dawson in a Battle of the Babes match-up. Last week Daw received more votes for hottest "Daredevil" babe, besting her competition. Continuing on the Marvel theme because no one is paying attention to anything other than AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON right now and with the understanding that ScarJo would...
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Hayley Atwell gave everyone a tour of all her sweet and sexy sights

Gotta give thanks to Agent Carter for giving us so much more of Hayley Atwell to adore. She's one of those special favorites of mine who is far too seldom seen in the capacity that we around here enjoy. Hayley was on the Agent Carter panel at the TCA Winter Press Tour yesterday, no doubt fielding questions on whether Agent Carter has any upcoming shower scenes or especially lurid dream...
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The Top Ten Sexiest Hottie Movie Characters of 2014

The year has been kind when it comes to hotties in movies, but nothing makes better use of a hottie on the big screen than a great, sexy character for them to play. In 2014, we saw the return of some of our favorite comic book ladies, as well as some fresh new faces. We witnessed the return of some hotties who stepped away from film for awhile, and even saw a popular supermodel take on her...
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The Top Ten Hottest Wartime Babes

There might be something seriously wrong with me. Unless there are other people who see certain movies getting released and hope that they fail miserably at the box office, I might just be a bad person wishing ill on the rich Hollywood people who keep churning out the same crap all the time. There's a lot of positive hype out there for FURY but I can't see past the casting of Shia LeBeouf and...
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Hottie Report Card: Hayley Atwell

While we're still several months away from seeing her in the anticipated Marvel television series AGENT CARTER, the devilishly good-looking Hayley Atwell can also be seen in the Jimi Hendricks biopic ALL IS BY MY SIDE in select theaters this weekend. As a personal fan of one of the most influential rock 'n' rollers of all time, I'm anxious to see if the film...
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A weekly dose of Hayley Atwell is the best medicine ever

Hayley Atwell was at the Seattle International Film Festival yesterday, showing off her new Jimi Hendrix biopic, JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE, where she plays Jimi's English muse in the years just before he breaks large in the biz. Sounds interesting, but what I'm really excited about is her American TV arrival this fall. Not only was Hayley's Agent Carter my favorite thing about the first...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Marvel's Most Marvelous Babes

We're celebrating super mega babe Scarlett Johansson and her 3rd run as Black Widow in this Friday's CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, by pitting a few of her fellow Marvel screen hotties against one another for this weeks' Movie Hotties 6-pack. See where some of Marvel's hottest heroes placed on our list below! Agree? Disagree? Tell us what you...
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