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When I go to my happy place, it's usually with Miranda Kerr on a carousel

Miranda Kerr probably smells amazing, right? It's not like she can be that absolutely beautiful and just smell like shit. It only makes sense. I suppose that's why she was named the new face of some perfume and took a few pictures to promote it. The perfume in question is called "Joyous" and that seems pretty appropriate, no? If, for whatever reason, I get hit by a car...
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Eva Green expands her sexiness in the outtakes from Vs magazine's 2013 fall/winter issue

The last time I found images from the fall/winter 2013 issue of Vs magazine, it was only the covers that I could get my greedy hands on, which wasn't a huge complaint, seeing as how the 4 alternate options featured the gorgeous Eva Green as one of their cover models. Now that the magazine has been on the newsstands for a bit of time, it's a pleasure to check out the rest of the photoshoot...
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