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Hot or Not: Carrie-Anne Moss

All of those remakes from last week couldn't stand up to the ultimate power of '80's nostalgia - the Lego maniacs. (Hell, I wanted to go see THE LEGO MOVIE for Valentine's Day and it was awesome!) Now that the romantic weekend has passed, will there be room for the other weak February releases, including POMPEII . Will the '90's nostalgia for one of that movie's stars help push its...

Hottie Clip #661 - Carrie-Anne Moss' Shower & Side-Boob - RED PLANET (HD)

Carrie-Anne Moss' Shower & Side-Boob - "RED PLANET" (HD)

Hottie Clip #576: Carrie-Anne Moss' Side-Boob and Shower - RED PLANET

Carrie-Anne Moss' Side-Boob and Shower - "RED PLANET" Click here to check out all the previous "Hottie Clips of the Day"!

Movie Premiere: INCEPTION (L.A.)

I can't believe it's finally here everybody. The movie that the whole world has been waiting for patiently for what seemed like ages but has only been less than two years. INCEPTION is looking to be the first cinematic masterpiece of this new decade and Christopher Nolan has officially placed his name in the history books. People can say that his fans over-hype his work but the...

Hot or Not: Carrie-Anne Moss

Hello and welcome to the new Movie Hotties! Let me tell you, I'm having some trouble adjusting to all the spanking hot new stuff that's going on around here. My poor little brain is scrambling to keep up with all of the fancy do-dads and what-nots that have been added. So you'll pardon me if I'd like to take a step back into one of the more familiar women of cinema and see what you all...

Battle of the Babes #72

No, you're not going to have to suffer through me asking you to pick your favorite derby skater from the hodge podge of actresses that Drew Barrymore cast in WHIP IT!. Instead, I'd like to focus on the other quirky movie coming out this weekend and see which babe you'd prefer fighting off members of the undead with. Or perhaps just getting her to play with your member....

Body Shop: Carrie-Anne Moss

When The Matrix hit it seemed like everyone, chicks and dudes, wanted a piece of one hardcore lass name of Trinity. Hot, awesome, and happy to work leather like it was made to wrap her up. But what about the woman behind those shades? Can one character define someone more than their own personality? I dunno, but it's time to take a closer look at: CARRIE-ANNE MOSS !...

TIFF Coverage - #3

Hey everybody and welcome to part #3 of our Toronto International Film Festival special coverage. We're getting new stuff by the minute here so it's been a pain in the ass to sort through but it's worth it in the end. We'd like to put out a huge thanks to our sources and an extra round of applause to Terminator . Let's move on then as we come to what looks like the ultimate...

Hottie Clip #65

Each day of the week, we will be posting a classic and popular hottie clip for everyone to enjoy. The clips are very hot and very memorable so check it out each day and enjoy! Carrie-Anne Moss - Sexy Clips Photos of today's hotties in the "HOTTIE CLIP OF THE DAY!": (Click each photo to enlarge!) Carrie-Anne Moss

Carrie-Anne Moss Comes to TV!

"Matrix" hottie Carrie-Anne Moss may be appearing weekly on your local TV set this fall! The Hollywood Reporter says she's been cast as the lead in an ABC drama called "Suspect," and the pilot -- directed by Guy Ritchie -- is set to be filmed soon. "Suspect" is a cop show where we're given a line-up of suspects, then shown their backstories, eventually leading to the revelation of which...

Nikki's First Time

As Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Film Festival churns merrily along, a few films have already been picked up for distribution. Writer/Director Nick Guthe's dark dramedy MINI'S FIRST TIME, for example, was recently picked up for distribution by First Independent Pictures and HBO Video. The film stars Nikki Reed as a precocious, scheming sexpot teenager who, after entering into a torrid sexual...

Carrie is a disturbed hottie

Director non-extraordinaire D.J. Caruso, whose valiant and undoubtedly well-intentioned feature directorial efforts never quite seem to pan out exactly as he'd probably envisioned, has corralled two hotties, Carrie-Anne Moss and Sara Roemer, a criminally underappreciated character actor, David Morse, and a perpetually annoying Disney spawn, Shia LaBeouf, for his upcoming drama/thriller...

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