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Victoria Justice got attacked by a lion, survived and still looks gorgeous

Now, I may be a kinky dude, but furry parties are way out of my comfort zone. With the knowledge that Victoria Justice was involved somehow, though, I'd probably be pretty inclined to change my mind completely. Here she is at the Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Awards and the attire she chose to wear for this event is ridiculously sexy. Not only am I hypnotized by the seemingly endless array...
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I wonder what Karen Gillan has been up to since leaving Doctor Who

If you watch the [adult swim] on Cartoon Network late nights, you'll probably know that Karen Gillan's follow up to Doctor Who is a small role on their wacky CSI spoof NTSF:SD:SUV. Playing the resident lab geek with a sinister side, her character Daisy seems content in most episodes with finding ways to torture people with her experiments. That is, except for last week's...
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