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The Top 10 Babes Who Should Play Poison Ivy

I am surely not going to please anyone with this list. There will be complaints, there will be other suggestions and I can live with all of that. Just like I can live with everyone talking smack about Margot Robbie's co-star Jai Courtney being a joke while I know that he'll probably end up one of your favorite characters from this week's release, SUICIDE SQUAD . Yes, I'm that confident....
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How does 50 shades of Krysten Ritter sound?

Krysten Ritter is in the pages of Canada's Fashion magazine in February, looking her typical sweet and sultry self. However, the really big Krysten news to break in the last few days are the rumors that she's in the running to play Anastasia in the movie adaptation of the mega-hit BDSM book 50 Shades of Grey. For those of you living in mountain caves or simply not into books your mom,...
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