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Adrianne Curry once again goes batty and catty with the cosplay at Comic-Con

Every year come Comic-Con time, Adrianne Curry crawls out from her hibernation chamber, wraps herself in some geek-related costume and unleashes her hotness on a mass of unsuspecting SDCC attendees. Catwoman was only one of Adrianne's characters of choice this year. She apparently did at least one costume change, going from Catwoman to Silke Spectre. The one thing I can always say for...

Anne Hathaway, wet, what more could you ask for?

Anne Hathaway made a splash (please kill me) at the beach the other day, playing what appears to be some ball-tossing water-sport, as well as pulling a Clooney by giving her suit the ol' nip treatment (just hit me in the cranium with Anne Hathaway's throw-ball until I am no longer able to make words.) Batman & Robin anyone? I'm pretty sure Schumacher is just out of frame directing her bust...


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