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Hottie Report Card: Jena Malone

Let's face it, this weekend belongs to Rosario Dawson , the star of two soon-to-be Christmans classics: the Chris "Jingle Bell" Rock comedy  TOP FIVE , and the merrily scary suspense-thriler  THE CAPTIVE . Rosario would be an ideal candidate for a "Hottie Report Card" student this week, but we already featured her (at your request) a couple...
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BOTB Hunger Games Hotties: Levin Rambin vs Jena Malone vs Natalie Dormer

Last week we were all certain about one thing, smart women are hot. Whether they're hot because they're smart or it's hot that they're smart is a nitpicking issue. Natalie Portman still got the most love, although I was surprised to see that those non-Nat people preferred Rashida over Jordana. This week, we're diving into the world of "there's a HUNGER GAMES movie getting released...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Jena Malone

We hope you've been saving your appetite, because this weekend sees the release of  THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY - PART 1 (even that title is a mouthful). Obviously, it's expected to be a huge success just like its predecessors, but some of us still don't quite understand what all the fuss is about, and probably never will. Personally, when I'm inevitably dragged...
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Jena Malone and a bunch of bored models hang out in their skivvies

This For Love and Lemons party appeared to draw a number of celebs intrigued by its somewhat tamely naughty premise of women in public wearing little more than their underwear. I'd never get near anything that puts the words "lemon" and "party" in the same sentence, but perhaps none of these people are familiar with horrid internet memes. The idea of famous hotties in their undies is nice, but...
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Jennifer Lawrence is photogenic, very blue

Not a whole lot of down time anymore between periods of anticipation for Jennifer Lawrence movies. Now that her Oscar-bait AMERICAN HUSTLE gig has achieved its goal and everyone got their Katniss fix with CATCHING FIRE, there's yet another payday role to look forward to in the form of the next X-MEN installment, DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. In the lead up to one or both of those movies, Jen's got a...
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Battle of the Babes Hunger Games Blondes Edition: Leven Rambin vs Stephanie Leigh Schlund vs Natalie Dormer

Why was there no Ginnifer Goodwin in last week's "Once Upon a Time" battle? Because I really don't care for her. Plus it was a great way to see Jamie Chung take a win. Did I stack the deck? Sure. When does the deck not get stacked to the advantage of the one creating the game? That thought made me think of all the hotness that is going on in THE HUNGER GAMES movies, which has lead me to...
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Jennifer Lawrence's Hunger Games side boob tour just keeps rolling on

We were tantalizingly close to a Jennifer Lawrence nip slip at the Paris CATCHING FIRE premiere last night, mere inches away from one of those beautiful babies popping out of that dress. Jen's been all about the side boob on much of this worldwide premiere tour thus far. That's a gesture all of us can appreciate. I'm sure if there had been a wardrobe malfunction, Jen would have taken it in...
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Natalie Dormer is no withering Mockingjay at the London premiere of The Hunger Games Catching Fire

You might be seeing her until 2014 when she joins the cast for the third (and unnecessary fourth) installments of the series, but at the London premiere of THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE , Natalie Dormer sure wanted to make sure she got your attention. The lovely blonde lass from Reading, England has been popping up in movies all over the place, getting noticed in films from CAPTAIN...
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Someone give Jennifer Lawrence a fiddle 'cause she's burning down Rome with her hotness

Yeah, we've had a lot of Jennifer Lawrence flying around the site lately, but what are we gonna do? The girl's got a job to do, which is basically traveling the world looking hot for the purposes of getting people to go see CATCHING FIRE. It's an effective promotion technique, particularly with that new do she's sporting, which somehow makes her even more gorgeous than she's ever been. That...
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I'm hungry to play some games with English hottie Laura Haddock

There were plenty of fine hotties at the London premiere of THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE last night. Still, my eye was firmly caught by the likes of English hottie Laura Haddock and her hot ass in that tight dress. You might recognize Laura from her role as Lucrezia Donati on the Starz show Da Vinci's Demons. She plays Leonardo's shady mistress on the show and has been one of my primary...
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Jennifer Lawrence continues to amp up her sophisticated sexiness in Elle France

Between the November 22nd release of the highly anticipated sequel to THE HUNGER GAMES, CATCHING FIRE and the David O. Russell follow-up to SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, the movie which helped her catch her first Oscar win earlier this year, AMERICAN HUSTLE getting released only a few weeks later on December 13th, it's beginning to look impossible to stop the runaway train that is...
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Jennifer Lawrence and her Smurfettes get captured on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past

With all the teenyboppers screaming at her from behind the velvet rope, the prestigious film advocates dying to meet her, and all the comic-book fans who just wanna bang the bejeezus out of herů Jennifer Lawrence sure has a lot to deal with when it comes to the paparazzi. Whether good or bad, the press regarding J-Law over the past year alone has to have been pretty overwhelming. On top of...
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