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Top 6 Hottest Fake Lesbians in Movies (Video)

You gotta love lesbians. There's something there for everyone. Doesn't matter what your sexual preference is or what gender you happen to be. They appeal to all. This love for lesbians is the reason why a room full of women in a movie is bound to have at least a couple of them making out with each other. No one can peel their eyes away from two women getting down to it with one...
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Cate Blanchett sparkles & shines at Costume Designers Guild Awards

I don't know why the aggro Twitter user who claimed that Cate Blanchett was "f*cking gross, dude" on Kimmel's Mean Tweets would think such a thing. I find the Australian actress to be a beautiful creature, although I'm supposed to stop saying that, if I believe every tweet on the planet. Blanchett was radiant in a black sleeveless gown (although it did give her an unfortunate case of...
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Rooney Mara manages to not look creepy for a change

The only gripe I have about the Mara sisters, Rooney Mara in particular, is their sometimes infuriating determination to be weird and creepy-looking. I understand they want to look avant-garde and shit, which means that they have to come across as aloof and mysterious everywhere they go. That schtick gets tiring after awhile, especially when you consider how nicely they clean up when they...
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BOTB Evil Stepmothers: Cate Blanchett vs Jennifer Coolidge vs Lana Parrilla

I think it's awesome that many of you are still down with the babes who aren't newly minted, as evidenced by your love for last week's mature babes. Helen Mirren & Susan Sarandon still top your lists, tying in votes. As for this week, while the players here are all still mature (I promise I'll find a reason to feature more dewy newcomers soon), they're still stepmother material instead...
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Face Off: Nicole Kidman vs. Cate Blanchett

It was a fairly solid win for Emilie de Ravin over Maggie Grace in last week's Face Off. I don't know about you, but that was yet another time when my vote came down to superficiality. In any real world scenario, I'd be delirious with happiness to have either one. Seems like people are finding this PADDINGTON movie rather charming, despite the fact that Nicole Kidman's...
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Cate Blanchett and her Best Actress Oscar & Independent Spirit looks

It's over... right? After last night, where perhaps the winners were more predictable than they have been in a long time (except for my thinking that McQueen might pull Best Director since history usually pairs that award with its Best Picture winner), including our chance to see Buddy Christ win Best Supporting Actress, the odds-on Best Actress winner, Cate Blanchett made good....
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Battle of the Babes Golden Globes 2014 Edition: Cate Blanchett vs Amy Adams vs Sandra Bullock

Last's week's Battle of the Babes, the first of the new year featuring the faces of the new generation of celebrities panned out to find a solid win for daughter of Robin Wright & Sean Penn, Dylan, as her boobs rose her (your?) cream to the top. If she can put together her good looks and add some of her parents' amazing acting skills, we might have another award season kid on the block....
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Cate Blanchett is recreating what it looks like to be 40-something in Harper's Bazaar

It's fairly easy to love Cate Blanchett . She's gorgeous, she's mad talented and she's capable of being an Australian who had a role as one of the most famous British members of royalty, which never ceases to crack me up since those were the very people who decided to ship convicts to Australia and ended up creating the world in which Cate Blanchett was created. UK's Harper's Bazaar is using...
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The Top Ten Hottest Babes over 40

Call the the top ten hottest women in Hollywood over the age of 40 who AREN'T Halle Berry. I am missing a ton here, I know that, as women continue to maintain and retain their looks much longer than those from the past, but ugly on the inside just didn't trump it for me in this installment of the Sexy Ten Spot. Sorry Halle, might want to work on some crazy crunches instead of your abs. And on...
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Cate Blanchett gets all bound up

Wow, this is not a scenario I ever expected to find Oscar's BFF Cate Blanchett involved in - much less for anything intended for public display. I've been a fan of Cate since ELIZABETH. I think she's one of the greatest, most multifaceted actresses of the last 20 years. I wouldn't have taken her for a bondage fan though. Maybe this was just something she did just for this photoshoot for...
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Body Shop: Cate Blanchett

Let's class things up a bit this week shall we? Without a lot of huff and puff, ladies and gentlemen I present to you: CATE BLANCHETT ! Check her out in - Hanna ASS (7/10): This is one of the few times where I've been forced into using a movie still for a pic, but Blanchett...
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Red carpet hotties for the 2011 Academy Awards!

We're only hours away folks from probably one of the biggest Oscar races in years as the 83rd Annual Academy Awards approaches. Even if you weren't a big fan of the summer movies that released in 2010, you can't deny that the rest of the year was completely jam-packed with some pretty amazing shit and I can pretty much guarantee that most of the Oscar gold will be shared between...
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