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Face Off: Anne Hathaway vs. Jennifer Lawrence

Fairly definitive win for Emmy Rossum over Allison Williams in last week's Face Off. I guess we've had a little more time to come to appreciate Emmy, a few more intimate moments from Emmy that didn't have any clothing interruptions, a few less occasions to feel like throwing a TV out the window rather than watch another second of Emmy's show. Well, we're deep into Oscar season again...

The Top Ten Sexiest Superheroines

With THOR: THE DARK WORLD kicking some major box office ass over this past weekend, it seems only right to revisit some of the ladies who are just as super in their own powers. Because behind every great man is a man child who wrote his backstory, drew his image and gave that hero a woman whom the artist could never get in real life. May I have my shoe back now?

Happy 31st Birthday, Anne Hathaway!

Indeed, recent Academy Award winning actress and deep-rooted hottie Anne Hathaway turned 31-years-old today. Over the years, Hathaway has gone from playing clumsy royalty in THE PRINCESS DIARIES (2001) to singing her heart out as a tooth-decaying prostitute in LES MISÉRABLES (2012), all the while becoming more and more talked about among movie-lovers and hottie-lovers...

Carmen Electra and Nicole Scherzinger share the 2013 hottest of Halloween prize

Okay, so that was Halloween 2013. Did you have a good time? Personally, if I never see another guy dressed as some iteration of Walter White again it will be too soon. Anyway, now comes the time to crown a winner for hottest hottie in costume. There were a lot of contenders this year and certainly some impressive costumes. While I commend folks like Heidi Klum for the effort they put into...

Classic Hotties: Julie Newmar

Probably best remembered as the first and most beloved Catwoman of them all, Julie Newmar is actually quite a lot more than that. Graced with a body of seemingly impossible proportions and a seductive quality wielded with practiced bravado, she is one of the great sex kittens of her time. Beyond her sexual prowess, Julie also happens to be skilled dancer, a patent-holder, a real estate...

They're still premiering Les Mis around the world, this time in Paris with Anne Hathaway in pink

It's not too long until we find out if the billionth big screen adaptation of LES MISERABLES will take Oscar gold, yet it seems that the movie is far from being finished even debuting around the world, perhaps scared to open in Paris, no? Without delving into my opinion of the story (from the book, because I read like the snotty, self-centered, self-important, self-righteous uptight asshole...

Lady Gaga busted a seam trying to be Anne Hathaway for Vancouver concert goers

So, um, yeah... Lady Gaga kicked off her latest tour in Vancouver this week and whether it was from the pride she'd been talking about having for recently kicking a long ongoing battle with an eating disorder or one too many tropical drinks while she partied on her time off or, knowing the controversy-seeking singer, it was all an intentional plan, Gaga split the back seam of her fake...

Top 10 Toughest Hotties of 2012

Women in the movies really kicked some major ass this year, whether it was physically or wrecking traumatic emotional damage on someone who felt as if they'd been kicked while they were down at the end of it. Women have show coolness, an ability to get shit done by themselves and essentially held their own strongly against the men who were action stars, especially where the box office dollars...

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