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Cara Delevingne looks totally mountable in I Am Not Your Trophy campaign

For a model that Hollywood is currently obsessed with, I can't say I've been entirely won over by Cara Delevingne just yet. I couldn't bring myself to watch PAN, in PAPER TOWNS she's passable at best in a role that she's miscast for (if you read and cared anything about the book) and I'm going to take a wild stab and suggest that no one will really care too much about her character in...
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Sophia Bush has been hopping all around Washington DC being her cause headed self

I used to follow Sophia Bush on Twitter. Why? Because I've always found her to be one of the hottest things walking on two feet and can't get over the rustic deep quality of her voice. I was hoping that she would be posting Instagram or whatever images of herself while she suntanned on the beach but it turned out that Sophia was always tweeting for a good cause. Like, A TON of good causes....
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