Lea Michele wants us all to be a little bit louder

…in bed.  This is the first I'm hearing of this, but it all kind of makes sense, doesn't it? Lea Michele , who has a very impressive singing voice, is coming out with a solo record and here she is promoting it at a Barnes and Noble. Shit, even Bruce Willis came out with a CD. The record in question is called "Louder" and if anything, I think that's just Lea's way of telling us how our...

Miley Cyrus gets black & white & Bangerz all over for latest album shoot

I'm going to point out that I have not watched the VMAs since Chelsea Handler hosted and only because she was the second female host in the history of the awards. I also changed the channel after her opening jokes. Prior to that, I hadn't paid attention to a VMAs since Krist Novoselic didn't get out of the way fast enough. The fact that so many people in the US have come to the consensus that...

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