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Candice Swanepoel was basically like the prom queen of the Maxim party

There had to be a point sometime during the Maxim Hottest 100 Women of 2014 Celebration when a group of men walked by Candice Swanepoel and saw what she looked like in those tight leather pants of hers. I'm sure some of the men were able to conceal their amazement and went about their business, but there was probably one guy who just pantomimed washing his hands and said casually, "I'm...

Sammi Hanratty and her midriff make me want to celebrate good times

If this chick looks familiar, we've posted about her (and her little dog, too) in the past , so perhaps it's finally come for the time that young cutie  Sammi Hanratty gets super ridiculously hot and famous. It's only a matter of time before Sammi blows up, though. She's already been in a shit load of movies and I think she's on to how big of a ridiculously gorgeous flower she's about to...

Maitland Ward enslaves it for May 4th celebrations

For some reason the media seemed to finally get the play on words associated with the May 4th Star Wars celebrations that take place all over the planet at this time of year. All of the sudden it was "May the 4th Be With You" all over the place. That's probably Disney at work, preparing society for their imminent injection of Star Wars into every facet of civilization. That might sound like an...

Paris Hilton is asking for your attention with this barely there dress

I know, I know. At first, I wasn't even gonna do it. However, after taking another gander at these pictures and of the girl in general, my better judgement faded away and now, here we are. To be honest, Paris Hilton is just one of those people I don't really like to keep relevant, much less post pictures of. I think it goes without saying she usually annoys damn near all of us and my...

Vanessa Hudgens (and sis Stella Hudgens) pull off an elegantly sexy 25th birthday party

Vanessa Hudgens turned the ripe age of 25 a couple days ago. Gosh, is this all I have to look forward to when turning 25? Lame. Where are all the pictures of people doing keg-stands and peeing on cop cars? But in all seriousness, Vanessa is looking ridiculously fine. I've noticed before how the girl is enjoying the whole "grown-up" look and the way she gives off that uber-sexiness even while...

Rihanna celebrates Kadooment Day by getting super naked and drunk! Cool!

Well, this is…interesting.  Here, we can see Rihanna doing pretty much exactly what we would expect Rihanna to do on a national holiday. Apparently, the first Monday of August is when Barbados, Rihanna's old stomping grounds, celebrates their holiday called Kadooment Day. Being the established news journalist I am, I went to Wikipedia to learn of this foreign tradition,...

Tilda Swinton celebrates the life & brilliance of Roger Ebert with a conga-line dance at Ebertfest

Last Saturday, fittingly enough on 4/20, a wondrous, joyful thing happened in our little spaces in life during a time when things were feeling pretty damn shitty. Actress Tilda Swinton showed up to the MoMa for Ebertfest, a celebration of the life and excellence that our most recently dearly departed Roger Ebert left us to wallow on in our cinephile lives without. Tilda, often too easily...

Jennifer Lawrence is celebrated for her silver linings

We're on the cusp of the Oscars now, so everybody is doing their Oscar pools. How many of you have Jennifer Lawrence on your list of potential winners? I think she's got a good chance. The Academy has already shown its love for this young acting wunderkind with a best actress nomination for WINTER'S BONE. Wouldn't surprise me at all if she walks away with a little bald, naked dude Sunday...

Olivia's Munns are ready for business at the 2013 Vanities Calendar celebration

Olivia Munn grabbed the nearest 3 square feet of fabric she could find, and fashioned it into a dress at Vanity Fair & Juicy Couture Celebration of the 2013 Vanities Calendar. How could you not invite Olivia Munn to an event with the word "juicy" in the title? No idea what the intended purpose of throwing a shindig like this is, other than an attempt to sell some handbags, but...

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