I hate to see Brenda Song run away from me, but I love to watch her run away from me

Okay, so maybe the phone call and heavy breathing was a little much, but I thought she'd be flattered. So, maybe it's never worked on anybody else, but I was led to believe that Brenda was different. Ugh. Anyway, here we can see ex-Disney star and overall hottie Brenda Song  out and about jogging. I tried running while talking on the phone one time and my friend who I was talking to thought I...

Olivia Munn is quite the swinger

Ow... If you haven't already watched this, you might not want to. Unless the sound of a human body colliding with the hardest of the hardwood floors in the world doesn't make every part of you cringe. This hits me on a childhood level, evoking terrifying memories of various dislocations and broken bones I suffered as an irresponsible kid playing Russian Roulette with playground equipment....

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