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Hilary Duff is less of a horse whisperer and more of a butt whisperer

I'm somewhat confused about what exactly is supposed to be happening in this scene Hilary Duff was filming for her show Younger . Are they aware that the term "horse whisperer" is not meant to be taken literally and that actually whispering in a horse's ear wont produce much more than a neigh or a whinny? Whatever the point of this exchange, the actual communication here is being made...
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Victoria Justice is seriously hot Eye Candy

Filming just keeps going on and on for Victoria Justice's show Eye Candy. They've been filming shit for this show for over a year, so you'd think they'd have enough footage to piece it together by now. Perhaps the folks behind the scenes are just as smitten with Vicky as we are around here and thus are making up excuses to keep filming her. Inspired thinking on their part, getting her in...
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Alison Brie's boobs get hot when she's Sleeping With Other People

Alison Brie is currently filming the rather enticingly-titled SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE in NYC, where it's apparently getting a little warm. Thus Alison's need for some air blown refreshment on her beloved boobies in between takes. I've spent way too much time going over these pics, trying to determine whether she's braless under that tank top. Seems indeterminate. I think it could go...
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Jessica Alba sure is one hot momma

Jessica Alba is a f*cking pro. Not only is she still looking very sexy, but it looks like she has absolutely no problem dealing with the pesky paparazzi or with people writing articles on her hotness when she's innocently hanging out with the family and her baby. Wait, what? I dunno. It looks like she's having fun at the zoo and drinking her coffee and just being an overall badass...
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Even a fully clothed Candice Swanepoel is a stunner

You might have assumed that Victoria's Secret only did lingerie and bathing suits, but it would appear that they also make regular stuff. Although it's kind of hard to call it regular when it's on Candice Swanepoel's body. We're used to seeing her in bikinis and lingerie, but I think I kind of like the sight of her in regular clothes, just standing around in Central Park. There's still...
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