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Malin Akerman wants to get environmentally friendly with you

The environment was something I never concerned myself with. There was actually a good few months time in my life where I would invite some environmentalists over to my house and when they all got there I started emptying my trash can onto my front yard while I laughed in their face and ate steak. Pretty weird stuff, I know, but it made me happy (and got me arrested, which is why I stopped)....

The brunette Emilie de Ravin is practically a different person

That's a pretty startling transformation from Emilie de Ravin's usual blonde locks. It's amazing how a different shade of hair completely transforms her. I might not have even recognized her. She's also put on a little weight which makes the difference even more startling. Not that I have a problem with that. I'm just a little uncertain which version of her I prefer. Emilie as Claire on Lost...

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