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Jenna Dewan & Katheryn Winnick are the hot upfront women of A&E

Because the A&E network is in a partnership with the Lifetime channel (aka that channel your mom watches), we're able to see the darker brunette loveliness of Jenna Dewan (my favorite thing about Channing Tatum) promoting her show "Witches of East Bend" at the same time that blonde goddess Katheryn Winnick was at the event to promote her show "Vikings." Each of the shows are enjoying...
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Meagan Good's boobs are more than good...they're grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

Meagan Good knows what's up. She's of the philosophy that if God blesses you with a giant rack, you show those miracles off as much as possible, especially when in public (without the possibility of going to jail, of course). That's exactly what she's doing here at the BET Awards and, to my understanding, her cleavage was so utterly amazing, they gave her every single award...
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