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BOTB Horrible Bosses Men: Charlie Day vs Jason Bateman vs Jason Sudeikis

Happy Thanksgiving, people of America (for everyone outside of the self-obsessed United States, how about this fine Thursday, yo?)! While some of you are eating turkey and some of you are avoiding family members (or gluten, which has become more heinous than your drunkcle, from what I've gathered), some of you are thinking about braving the streets for the one location that tends to be...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Drew Barrymore

When you guys think about a romantic comedy starring Justin Long and Drew Barrymore I bet the last thing from your mind is a sex scene between the two on a dinner table in front of a snacking Jim Gaffigan. Yeah, I'm sure that's the last thing you'd guess. But guess what we've got for today's Hottie Clip of the Day?! Justin Long and Drew Barrymore banging on a dinner table in front...
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