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Flashback Friday: Brenda?

Bit of an inside joke there you non-Kevin Smith fans probably wont get. Other than inside jokes, I think it's fair to say that Shannen Doherty is synonymous with two things - the 90s and bitchiness. The former is actually a direct result of the latter for Shannen. That's what spending the better part of a decade as an irritable malcontent will do for you. Tends to limit your...
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Alyssa Milano & her mom curves want to help you clean up that mess you just made

Whenever I hear a snarky comment about how Alyssa Milano not being as hot as she used to be before she had kids, I laugh. See, what I'm really hearing is a bunch of people bitter about recognizing their own aging. When you grow up with an actress, cycling through the harmless teen crush years (back when Milano was Tony Danza's tomboyish daughter) to the early masturbatory years (chalk up...
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Flashback Friday: Few combine cute and hot quite like Alyssa Milano has

I got a little nostalgic from that Alyssa Milano post earlier this week. She has that effect on me. Luckily I needed someone to profile for a Flashback. I've spent way more years than I'd like to admit crushing on Alyssa. It's kind of hard not to become smitten with her when you look into those sweet doe eyes and infectious grins. What's even better is that on the flip side of...
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Face Off: Jennifer Connelly vs. Alyssa Milano

I hit ya'll with a poser last week by pitting Alison Brie against Emma Stone . Everyone loves at least one of those two. However, you guys gave Alison a tiny bit of a lead in the voting. Pretty close, but I'm willing to give her the win. It doesn't matter anyway, because they're both winners in my book. I noticed the other day that long time passion of mine Jennifer Connelly has a...
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Alyssa Milano is still getting bossed around by her acting past

Poor Alyssa Milano . They talk about people living in the past, but for Alyssa it's her career that seems perpetually tied to the past, despite the fact that she's got a new show out and looks to be making yet another attempt at reviving her career. All anyone can think about are goofy 80s sitcoms starring Tony Danza. It's got to be depressing knowing that the whole world identifies you more...
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Flashback Friday: Recollections of the original Rose McGowan

I know there are folks who would defend the current iteration of Rose McGowan . Yeah, we know all about the car wreck and the facial reconstruction. That was an unfortunate knock for Rose. Still, there has been an obvious slide into some sort of malaise for her as of late, prompting some, shall we say, unusual looks for this once supreme hottie. Looks like this one: Yeah, that's...
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Alyssa Milano knew exactly what to bring to the 14th Annual Children Uniting Viewing Dinner

It took only 7 months after giving birth to son Milo back in August 2011 for Alyssa Milano to get back to work. I mention this because I could have sworn it was less than year since pushing out her tot to this point where Milano attended a charity party looking... I mean DAMN! The dress accentuates everything perfectly on her, from taking advantage of her short height and making her look...
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