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Katharine McPhee packs her plentiful posterior into skinny jeans

Well, the last couple weeks haven't been going all that good for nice-assed actress Katharine McPhee since she pulled a Kristen Stewart and got caught having a little public smoochfest with the married director of her latest movie. Katharine has been pretty much in seclusion ever since the photos of this rather ill-advised, broad daylight make out session in front of packs...
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We could tell from the start that Kelly Brook's guy was a scumbag and now Kelly can too

Well, forget about Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan or Kardishian exhibitions of utter stupidity. This dumbass Kelly Brook has been dating has totally outdone them all for the crown of all time boneheaded f*ck ups. Seems this rugby-playing shit-for-brains called Danny Cipriani, has been having himself a little backdoor party with a random collection of women, like this one , all...
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Top 10 Celebrity Train Wrecks of the Year

The celebs were careening into self destruction like mad people this year. There was carnage done to careers, fortunes, public perceptions - even humanity's faith in trusted institutions was shaken, all thanks to the notorious exploits of the 10 select human train wrecks presented here for your ridicule and condemnation. Some of these names you've seen mentioned before in such lists, some you...
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