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Cheryl Cole can even make campaigns for hairspray sexy

When people audition for THE X FACTOR, how do their heads remain unexploded upon meeting the lovely Cheryl Cole ? That's something I'll have to ask God when I go to heaven. If I go to heaven… And if that shit even exists… Maybe heaven is the bedroom that this photoshoot took place. Yeah. I'll start to think of it that way. You see, kids, Cheryl just recently got into one of them picture...

Eva Longoria also happened to look mighty foxy at Foxcatcher premiere

Yesterday, we were all treated to an insane amount of pictures focusing on a certain Cheryl Cole , who was looking absolutely ravishing in a long, black dress for the premiere of FOXCATCHER , but wait a minute…Oh snap! Here comes Eva Longoria looking quite exquisite herself. Yeah, the dress itself may not be as elaborate and fantastic as Cheryl's, but the skin-tone color of it and the...

Cheryl Cole is looking ridiculously foxy in that dress

Wow. What in the hell is wrong with me? This is just another ridiculously hot hottie that I've never heard about until I was searching the highs and lows of the internet. Stumbling upon her was like finding the Ark of the Covenant. I know it exists, but to see it with my own eyes gives me the feeling of butterflies in my stomach and the possibility of melting or exploding. Just in case you're...

Cheryl Cole goes fashionista for Giuseppe Zanotti

Cheryl Cole stepped out for Giuseppe Zanotti's London-based Fashion's Night Out soiree last night, looking as if she had better things to do than be one of the billion people who showed up to the VMAs instead. I'm such an "Awkward." fan that even though I haven't tuned into the Video Music Awards since Chelsea Handler hosted (and I only stuck around for her opening monologue - and to hear...

CAN: Party Hotties

Hello to all our hottie fans around the world and welcome to the extensive coverage of the 63rd Annual Cannes International Film Festival . As many of you know already and more will learn soon for sure, I'm a huge fan of the Cannes festival and every May for the past few years, I've done extensive coverage of the red carpet events for the vast premieres that take...

Tweedy Fans Rejoice!

I wasn't all that aware of who Chery Tweedy was until I posted a really hot photo spread of her for Q magazine and had a lot of you Schmoes tell me how popular she was in the UK andhow many of you hated that she was married to some loser footballer, changing her name to Cheryl Cole. Well, it appears that the couple is no more. Her reps came out today to say that "Cheryl Cole is...

Tweedy/Cole = Sexy

This Cheryl Tweedy lady is listed as being Cheryl Cole in the UK magazine Q as being Cheryl Cole as well as the same under IMDB. Her full name is supposed to be Cheryl Ann Tweedy and personally, other than seeing a lot of pictures of her, I didn't think that she did all that much but be one of the pretty people in the world. But I'm mostly into Lily Allen when it comes to British chicks (whom...

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