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Face Off: Anna Paquin vs. Ellen Page

Another too close to call comparison between Lake Bell and Lizzy Caplan in last week's Face Off . They are similar in a lot of ways. I'm still smitten by Lake's banging body though. That thing is just incredible. We got the next big installment of the X-MEN movie franchise premiering on Friday. And it does look like a big one. There are so many mutants running around in this thing I...

Golden Compass kid star Dakota Blue Richards is one lovely grown up now

I know we keep posting images for Maitland Ward, one of the former kid stars of the show "Boy Meets World" and marveling over how she's grown up but frankly, her trailer trash chic thing doesn't do it for me at all. I'd much rather see the womanly 20-year old figure that the former kid star of THE GOLDEN COMPASS, Dakota Blue Richards is flaunting on the red carpet at...

Brenda Song in shorts makes me want to burst out into song

Whenever I learn of a former Disney Channel child star getting ridiculously hot, I always approach it with a little trepidation. It's not everyday that you see an attractive celebrity who has been exposed to fame from such an early age not end up a train wreck. Maybe that's why I feel so warm and fuzzy seeing Brenda Song walking around and looking good without all the baggage that so many...

Little Miss Sunshine ain't so little anymore

Alright, you may commence with the expressions of discomfort and dismay at the sight of an all growed up Abigail Breslin at this year's Teen Choice awards and Power of Youth event. I wasn't really prepared to see such a thing either, but there she is - 17-years-old and clearly quite the fetching young woman already. They gotta grow up, I suppose. It's going to happen eventually. No point in...

Classic Hotties: Elizabeth Taylor

In the pantheon of Hollywood's brightest stars, it's unlikely anyone will ever shine quite as bright as Elizabeth Taylor . Forever Hollywood royalty until the universe ends, this beloved brunette shall be remembered for a number of things, among them her breath-taking beauty, smouldering sexual intensity, torrid personal life and charitable spirit. In her 79 years on this planet she...

Classic Hotties: Carrie Fisher

As we anticipate the prospect of a new adventure for Princess Leia and company, T-plus 32 years on, we take a look back at 56 years in the life of the woman behind the iconic STAR WARS heroine, Carrie Fisher . The legendary provider of many a geek's spank material was famous before she had a chance to leave the womb. Born to celebrity parents, her young life was subject to the turmoil of...

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