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Mia Kang kicks major bikini butt in her Sports Illustrated spread

I know we've been slowly rolling out all of the Sports Illustrated models, but sometimes you've got to slow your roll and enjoy the landscape. One such example was the winner of Sports Illustrated's model casting call, Hong Kong beauty Mia Kang . I've been searching for more information on the gorgeous kickboxer but there's not much out there aside from what she puts on display on her...
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Meiyuan Renee is your Asian goddess of the day

I was reading an article this morning about how American movies, particularly big budget action movies, are going to change in years to come to accommodate Chinese audiences. I suppose that's an inevitability. Movies that might tank here in the States often do big business over there. We saw that with the new TERMINATOR movie this summer. Clearly they're digging our culture. You don't see much...
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Hot or Not: Peng Lin

If you've ever loved Emma Watson, it appears that you'll always love Emma Watson, at least judging by the responses from last week. Now, I used to be able to say that I'd always love John Cusack, based mainly on my affection for him in movies such as SAY ANYTHING. If there was an excellent '80's movie, John was in the cast. Now, with DRAGON BLADE , opening in limited release this...
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Kelly Hu shows up at a holiday party to remind us how hot she still is

Here's one of those babes from the early aughts who should have blasted through to something bigger than a career which contains the upcoming release BEYOND THE GAME, a veritable who's-who of those who almost but not quite became A-listers (the cast includes Kristanna Loken, Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, Billy Zane, Bai Ling, Casper Van Dien, Kevin Sorbo, Tony Todd, Armand Assante and Tommy 'Tiny'...
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Ellen Adarna is my new favorite thing

Every once in a while I like to put up some pics of the lovely ladies who come to my attention amidst my seemingly endless searches for the latest Kate Upton or Kelly Brook images. Today's exquisite new find is Filipino actress Ellen Adarna who is, as you can see, quite the honey. Being part Filipina, part Chinese, part Spanish, Ellen is an prime example of the wonderful things created...
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