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The Bikini Roundup - June 2014

Man, it's getting hot out there, both in terms of temperature and the number of hotties hitting the beaches in bikinis. We got close to 40 of these lovely ladies in all manner of the world's best beach wear and in all kinds of shapes and sizes. So do enjoy this little retrospective featuring some of June's best bikini moments. I can't wait to see what July brings!...
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Who is Chloe Sims and where is this swimming pool?

I don't know much about this show called The Only Way is Essex. According to Wikipedia, it's like Britain's The Hills , which is too bad, cause I thought other countires weren't as stupid as we are. I also have no clue who this Chloe Sims is…but I want to. I'm unfortunately the kind of guy that will force myself to watch awful movies and television programs...
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The UK J-Woww, TOWIE's Chloe Sims, struts her plastic bits in a pink bikini at Cannes

I had to look up what the hell TOWIE was and I'm still not all that certain that I understand it beyond the fact that it is billed as being of the popular British "reality shows" similar along the lines of the crap that we're inundated with here in the United States. So if any of you are from across the pond, I wouldn't mind if you went into further detail about the show and whatever it is that...
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