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Elsa Pataky warms up the Dark Seduction photocall in Madrid

Apparently the name Elsa is on the rise for newborn baby girls, although it's got more to do with the movie FROZEN than it does Mrs. Thor, Elsa Pataky . Not that the Disney ice queen could hold a candle to Pataky, who looks stunning in her leather pants only 6 months after she was pregnant with the twin gods. She's promoting something called Dark Seduction, which is being touted as something...

Elsa Pataky is proof that Chris Hemsworth is a god

Honestly, who else could have the incredibly great fortune that Chris Hemsworth has? He's a god when he's playing THOR, he's a gorgeous and captivating race car driver in RUSH, he's wildly handsome with a near impossibly perfect physique and his wife looks this good only 5 months after giving birth to perfect twin sons. You almost want to hate on Hemsworth but he's too damn...

Natalie Portman is the cream between Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston's black tie cookies

When you've got a big budget flick like THOR: THE DARK WORLD to promote, you're going to be hitting up all of the big countries to spread around the hotness of the cast. This was the case as Natalie Portman hit up Berlin with her sexy Disney prince co-stars (come on, if Disney owns Marvel and Thor & Loki are princes, doesn't that make them Disney princes and much cooler all around than...

Natalie Portman looks sexy, dishes Chris Hemsworth greatness in Marie Claire

For those of you who can't get enough of Natalie Portman , with her latest flick, THOR: THE DARK WORLD coming out on November 8th means that the sexy brunette mommy is covering magazines like Marie Claire and dishing about her life in and around the biz. Apparently Nat can't get enough of her co-star, Chris Hemsworth, stating that "Chris is, like, one of the greatest people...

Olivia Wilde takes her time looking mouth-watering at London premiere of Rush

I've decided that Jason Sudeikis has a dick made of gold with a pair of vibrating rabbit ears installed at the base because holy shit, there is no way that man deserves a woman as fine as Olivia Wilde unless his shit is magical, yo. The actress has always been one of those cool babes who looks great dressed up or down and has the mentality where she does interviews declaring that she's...

Natalie Portman is all smiles for costar Tom Hiddleston at the D23 Expo

I might not have seen the irresistible appeal of Natalie Portman's character in the first THOR movie, but after THE AVENGERS, I can certainly see the appeal of her co-star, Tom Hiddleston when he's not dressed up as Loki. I don't understand the women who think Hiddleston is so hot while in costume, the dude looks far more bone-able when he's in his deluxe duds and a big smile on his face....

Top 10 Sexiest Movie Men of the Year

There's been many a petty complaint of the infrequent times that I've posted articles on the hot men of Hollywood. It seems that most of you are either so obsessed with looking at famous boobies (probably due to the fact that no girl in your real life will let you look at hers) or aren't comfortable enough with your sexuality to admit that dudes are hot too, or just can't forward the link to...

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