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A bevy of beauties show up to the Lone Ranger premiere in Anaheim

With the busy summer movie market wide on display, this is about the time that things get aggressive. Pixar has a strangle-hold on all things merchandise-able, being that it's coming off a built-in popular original flick and well, it's monsters and little kids. Tell me what you can't market to a child under the age of 100. You can go with muscle-mass and have the pretty boys act out superhero...

Latest MovieHotties photo galleries added: Gina Carano, Gisele Bundchen, Kylie Minogue, Coco, Gemma Atkinson and many more!

Our beloved writer, Cherry Liquor , has been working overtime of late to add over 50 new hottie PHOTO GALLERIES to this site, which takes our grand total of hottie photo galleries to 400! (a little bit for everyone) We've included links to many of them below, but since we can't post all their images, here is a list of the other...

Would you bite that? (Christian Serratos)

If I had known there were so many good looking people of the female variety in the TWILIGHT movies, I probably would've watched more than the first 20 minutes of the first one by now. I, like most, have grown quite fond of Ashley Greene over the years, but I have never noticed this Christian Serratos character until now. I would like to spend one hour in the coffin with that chick. Wouldn't...

Battle of the Babes #110

I'm going to try and make this as easy on myself this week as possible, even though I get the sneaky suspicion that I'm stacking the deck a tad unfairly. See, while I'm not going to be one of the young chicks in droves for the opening of THE TWILIGHT SERIES: ECLIPSE , I recognize that the series has put out some fine babes in its time. So let's just go with that, shall...

Serratos Vamps Maxim

I think there's been one other time that I posted something about Christian Serratos, a name that I think looks more like a dude's than a young 19 year old chick with a rocking bod, but who the hell cares. Maxim Magazine hasn't really been hitting a lot of correct notes with people lately (although you'll hear no complaints from me when it comes to their selection of Katy Perry as their hottest...

Sexy Serratos

So here's that chick from NEW MOON who posed nude for PETA (to clear up the record, I don't like PETA because Pamela Anderson tried to f*ck with my enjoying of the delicious chicken nature that is KFC when she suggested that they make soy-something-or-other chicken sandwiches... serious, something is wrong with someone who can't enjoy a little fowl play!), Christian Serratos. She's walking...

Nude Twilight Babe

I'm not all that into watching any of the TWILIGHT series movies (although I won't lie... I watched the first one just to be able to have the knowledge of whether or not it sucked and because I admire director Catherine Hardwicke) but there's a new actress on their meat market and her name is Christian Serratos. Here she is in her bare glory for a PETA ad. I can't stand the PETA people, but...

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