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Hot or Not: Christina Hendricks

Last week you were mostly "ehh..." when it came to Samantha Morton, although it seemed to also be agreed upon that she's a damn fine actress. Her movie, FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM had no such quibbles, severely trouncing all of the other movies at the box office with its peripheral Harry Potter association. I'm guessing that it will have a good fight with MOANA this...
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Top 6 Hottest Actresses with Real Racks (video)

Why is it we're so fascinated with the ladies who keep it real up top? Is it the look? The feeling? The way they jiggle and sway in slow motion jogging scenes? Whatever the reason, they do tend to inspire more than their implant alternatives. Here are 6 hotties who know a thing or two about real racks. See how the stacked stack up below. Got any other natural hotties...
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Face Off: Christina Hendricks vs. Ariel Winter

Last week's Face Off proved once again just how resilient Alison Brie's reputation for hotness is, despite her persistent and frequently frustrating teasing. If an unabashed sex scene junkie like Emmy Rossum can't dethrone Alison, I wonder if anyone can. You may be wondering right now why I have two hotties 23 years apart in a Face Off. It's not such a mystery if you think...
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The 2015 Emmy babes were hot in more ways than one

It was a hot one down in Hollywood for the 67th Emmy awards show. I'm sure there were small armies of make up people and hairstylists working in constant rotation to prevent the hotties from melting under the hot afternoon sun. They seemed to be doing their job okay, because everyone was looking good. I'm sure they felt like shit and couldn't wait to get into an air conditioned theater for the...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Sexiest Secretaries of Cinema

Honestly, how is a guy not supposed to develop a fondness for a female secretary? She spends her days getting him the things he needs and wants. It's an arrangement which appeals to the lazy, chauvinistic asshole with mommy issues inside every guy. It's all the better when she's a babe like those in this week's 6-pack, all of whom portray irresistible secretaries. Chances are there's at...
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Christina Hendricks did some big time bustin' out for the fashions

Oh my god, fashion shit, fashion shit, fashion shit. It's guaranteed that all the fine hotties will come scurrying out of the woodwork when some overpriced designer crap goes strutting down a runway somewheres. And they certainly were this weekend. So many beautiful hotties were going apeshit over this stuff at the various fashion week events going on. I'm surprised you don't see more of the...
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Black only slims certain parts of Christina Hendricks

A rare candid moment of Christina Hendricks out and about somewheres. I get that black has a slimming effect, but it seems to me that she's lost a pound or two here. She's still the same curvaceous darling we all know and love, but maybe not quite as full-figured as before? You can see it most prominently in her face. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they were encouraging her to keep...
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Christina Hendricks a woman with a whole lot of influence

Christina Hendricks was at an event celebrating LA Confidential Magazine's Women of Influence issue yesterday. An event that seemed to bring out a wide array of ladies with influence. You'd think an event like this wouldn't be the sort of place for Christina to bring back one of her long lost epic cleavage moments. I hear tell some women aren't too fond of that sort of thing from the more...
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Christina Hendricks gives us one last dose of that retro hotness

Despite the sense of attachment they clearly wanted the cast of Mad Men to convey going into the final episodes, I suspect most of the cast was fully ready to move on. I think they stretched that show out for a season or two too long anyway, but now it's done and hotties like Christina Hendricks are free to do whatever the hell they want. Like going blonde: Another case of...
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Christina Hendricks is looking so totally mad hot, it's ridiculous

You know, guys...I'm going to be honest with you all. There's no real easy way if saying this, so I'm just gonna come out and say it: Even though I have a massive crush on Christina Hendricks and I absolutely love those tig ol' bitties of hers, I've never seen a single episode of MAD MEN. Yup. I've seen DRIVE once while I was high (I think?), but never have I seen the television series that...
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It's 4/20, so here's a bunch of hotties on grass!

If you've noticed the drive-thru line at Taco Bell being especially long today, that's because it's 4/20! Yes, 4/20, the made-up "holiday" founded by stoners which celebrates stoner culture (it also inadvertently celebrates Hitler's birthday). Supposedly, some kids at some high school would meet everyday at 4:20 in the afternoon with their bongs and paper rolls...
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Hottie Report Card: Christina Hendricks

If you're keeping an eye out for pre-Summer blockbusters this weekend, it looks like their slim for the pickings at the moment, unless you want to watch  FURIOUS 7  for the seventh time (something tells me that number is realistic). Otherwise, you can always check out Sir Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, LOST RIVER , a film which also features his...
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