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Selena Gomez sticks with her chunk style trend on The Big Short set

Selena Gomez has got a role in THE BIG SHORT, which profiles the people who made a killing from short selling in the stock market during The Great Recession. Seems like a rather complicated topic for Selena to tackle. Clearly she's setting her sights high where the acting thing is concerned. That emphasis on bigger and better gigs is apparently not leaving a whole lot of room for keeping...
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Britney Spears had a few extra pieces on her at the premiere of her Vegas lazer crotch show

Britney Spears premiered her big Vegas show entitled "Pieces Of Me" over the weekend, which apparently involves her crotch being attacked by a laser pointer at some point in the show. You'd think Brit would have dropped those extra pounds and returned to her old fighting weight, what with all the dancing shit it looks like she's doing in this thing. Or maybe she's leaving most of the dancing...
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