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Cintia Dicker knows just how many freckles it takes to make me fall in love

Dear goodness God and holy shit. I totally wasn't expecting to see someone like this today and I completely understand the fact that some people don't appreciate a face full of freckles as much as I do, but even the haters out there have to understand the wallop of a punch this beauty packs. She goes by the name of Cintia Dicker and while I'd love to throw some puns at you all...
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Sports Illustrated is here to make sure you don't forget what day it is

I think they need to rethink the schedule by which SI does their big Swimsuit Edition so that it coincides with their calendar releases. Sure, many of us enjoyed the sight of Kate Upton tits on 2013's cover, but by the first part of 2014 there will be a whole new set of tits to admire, making all the tits on your 2014 calendar obsolete. I know I wouldn't want a calendar that constantly...
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Cintia Dicker is a gorgeous ginger in the colorful photoshoot for AmazonPower

I don't know what AmazonPower is and while I've seen Cintia Dicker in other photospreads where I haven't thought more than, "Oh, she's a cute redhead," I am completely blown away by the beauty of these images that were taken of the model. Between the crazy cool makeup which transforms her into a peacock-eyed goddess, the fact that her hair color is boosted and made the center primary feature...
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Redhead goddess Cintia Dicker can wear the hell out of anything

It's been way too long since I posted anything from sexy, Brazilian model Cintia Dicker . I guess it's a good thing then that she did this spread for Hope Lingerie, with plenty of that sexy little face she likes to make when she's posing. She's definitely got the provocative glance thing down. Although with hair and a body like hers, she really doesn't need to do much of anything at all to...
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I hear there were some other hotties in this years SI Swimsuit edition

Everyone has been understandably caught up with Kate Upton's swimsuit spread in this year's SI Swimsuit edition. That is very likely Kate's finest performance as a big-tittied bikini model yet, which is really saying something considering her already impressive body of work. Still, they tell me there are, in fact, other hotties showing off skin in subsequent pages of this beloved T&A...
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