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BOTB Liam's Girls Edition: Maggie Grace vs Marion Cotillard vs Izabella Miko

Last week it was a question of whether you diehard "Arrow" fans were going to get your wish and see the fan favorite Emily Bett Rickards take the prize and perhaps to no surprise, she did while the others from the show, Caity Lotz and Katie Cassidy came in second and third respectively. This week, while he's not saving one in the weekend release, NON-STOP , I thought it would be a good...
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Hottie Report Card: Gemma Arterton

Mornin', kiddos! RUNNER, RUNNER finally comes out today, and thanks to a few of the consistent schmoes on  Movie Fan Central ,  this apparently means we must dedicate this next "report card" to uber-hottie Gemma Arterton . Not that I'm complaining. Hell, if I were really mentoring a classroom full of hotties, Gemma would probably be hated by everyone...
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Face Off: Gemma Arterton vs. Kelly Brook

Everyone decided that past hottie Lynda Carter was the superior hottie compared to her modern day competitor Jaimie Alexander in last week's Face Off. I very much agree. Lynda at her prime was one of those women who could hit every right button in my mind as far as what I find attractive in women. She was about as close to my perfect woman as I could ever imagine. Speaking of...
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