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Classic Hotties: Helen Mirren

It's not very often we see a bona fide hottie achieve as much success as Dame Helen Mirren . Neither have we seen many an actress come to that success the way Helen has. When she was in her 20s, a time when many actresses start to angle for bigger roles, Helen was just starting out in movies. By the time she reached the age where great roles start to dry up for other actors, Helen was...
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Classic Hotties: Jessica Lange

Hollywood has always been the place to be for models aspiring to loftier goals. Time spent as an idealized image of beauty and sex appeal can open doors for many a young model with dreams of glory on the big screen. That was how Jessica Lange made it to the big time. Unfortunately for her, those early pretty face endeavors were the means by which some attempted to shatter her big screen...
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Classic Hotties: Maureen O'Hara

They had a nickname for Maureen O'Hara back in the day - Queen of Technicolor. With a head of gorgeous red hair and characteristically Irish eyes of bright green, hers was the kind of beauty color film was made for. A talented actress, singer, performer and businesswoman, Maureen's fiery locks were matched by her equally fiery spirit both on screen and off, making her a consistent...
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Classic Hotties: Jane Russell

Jane Russell was in many ways a contradiction. A life long conservative Republican and born again Christian, she was a moral, principled woman working in an industry that was often anything but moral or principled. Yet despite her political and religious affiliations, she was no saint. She divorced from her first husband, with whom she got pregnant and had abortion before she turned 19....
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Classic Hotties: Elizabeth Taylor

In the pantheon of Hollywood's brightest stars, it's unlikely anyone will ever shine quite as bright as Elizabeth Taylor . Forever Hollywood royalty until the universe ends, this beloved brunette shall be remembered for a number of things, among them her breath-taking beauty, smouldering sexual intensity, torrid personal life and charitable spirit. In her 79 years on this planet she...
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Classic Hotties: Sophia Loren

Before the world had Monica Bellucci for its resident Italian hottie, we had Sophia Loren . Like Monica, she was a sensual, exotic and buxom femme fatale who steamed up the screen and set trends with her natural beauty and keen fashion sense. She broke the rules and bucked the trends, showing off her beautiful body and obvious sexuality during a time when such things weren't so easy to...
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Classic Hotties: Jacqueline Bisset

Everything has a beginning and for a self-confessed anglophile in love with British women, the beginning of my obsession with those beautiful ladies started with Jacqueline Bisset . Watching her play a hot mom ushering teens into manhood in movies like CLASS, or introducing the whole world to the concept of the wet t-shirt in THE DEEP, were early bucket list entries for me....
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Classic Hotties: Barbara Eden

Many a smitten sitcom fan has had little choice but to fall in love with Barbara Eden . Several generations of people have grown up watching Barbara's genie character pursue her reluctant "master" in that sexy little outfit, in the process introducing a sanitized for prime time version of a dominant/submissive relationship to future generations of sexual libertines in the making. It...
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Classic Hotties: Lynda Carter

Everybody has that special somebody who covers all the bases, hits all the right notes, embodies everything you consider best about the kind of human being you find sexy. We're all different there, with our own perspectives on what that person is like. Some of us like them petite and pretty. Some might go for the tougher, butcher types. You might like them bright and blonde. Others...
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Classic Hotties: Pam Grier

There are few cinema heroines who will forever be remembered as total ass-kickers. Such pursuits still remain relegated mainly to male leads, despite the steadily equalizing sexes. Whether for a lack of interest or some kind of modern day sexism, Hollywood has yet to find a 21st century equivalent to play the tough kind of woman the legendary Pam Grier was best known for back in the...
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Classic Hotties: Julie Newmar

Probably best remembered as the first and most beloved Catwoman of them all, Julie Newmar is actually quite a lot more than that. Graced with a body of seemingly impossible proportions and a seductive quality wielded with practiced bravado, she is one of the great sex kittens of her time. Beyond her sexual prowess, Julie also happens to be skilled dancer, a patent-holder, a real estate...
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Classic Hotties: Cher

Calling one's self a Cher fan can put one into a lot of distinctive categories. You might have fond memories of her time with Sonny back in the day. Or you might be more inclined toward her solo singing career. You could have been captivated by the many fine acting performances she's given over the course of 4 decades. Maybe you enjoyed her theatrical performances or live Vegas shows....
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