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Former Price is Right model Claudia Jordan showing off her curvy form; guess where

You guessed it; good old Miami Beach. Don't be surprised if in the next set of photos you find me, blurred out in the background, setting up camp and selling sunglasses to pay for life's necessities. I can leave it all behind and spend the rest of my days with sand creeping into my crevices, bird-dogging the swarm of hotties that make their way to this Southern swimsuit...
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The Bikini Roundup - September 2013

Everybody likes to think of Labor Day as the end of summer, but that's not accurate at all. We get another 3 weeks of summer following that holiday. As you can see, that's plenty of time to squeeze in some last minute bikini goodness. So as some of you begin to yank all your winter clothes from storage, feel free to stop for a second and yank to this selection of the best bikini moments...
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