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Claudia Romani failed to swing voters with her sexiness

Perhaps if more Hillary Clinton supporters were as committed as Claudia Romani has been throughout this election season, there would be no President-elect Trump. She took to the beaches this past week for one, last, failed attempt to sway Donald Trump's army of loyalist with another ass and titty show – a peculiar way to show your support for the "feminist" candidate;...
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Claudia Romani's bum is captivating, no matter how many times you see it

This marks the fifth feature for Claudia Romani in a short span of two weeks. For some reason or another – and by some reason, I mean, her ass – it's practically impossible to ignore the kind of photos she creates. In her recent social media write-up , I had this to say: She hardly leaves her place of residence without fully intending to provoke, and subsequently, to be...
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Sexy TwitPics: Claudia Romani Part II

There are those hotties more in tune with the symbiotic relationship between the attention seeker and their advocates – Sara Jean Underwood among them. And then there's  Claudia Romani , a true representative of fame-favoring culture. This Italian import hardly leaves her place of residence without fully intending to provoke, and subsequently, to be photographed...
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Claudia Romani uses her sexuality to make a cheeky political statement

Just as with the 2016 presidential race, Claudia Romani's attempt to send a political message is overshadowed by a needless distraction. Don't cover that beautiful booty with the words dump and an image of a cartoon shit pile. All it does is take attention away from the message and remind people who should be lusting over that beautiful backside of what comes out of it. Nobody...
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The Claudia Romani ass show must go on

When speaking about a seasoned temptress like Claudia Romani , terms like "too much of a good thing" have no bearing. It's only on those extremely cloudy days you're not likely to see this desirable lass showcasing her barely covered booty around Miami. Other than that, the Claudia Romani ass show is practically a daily occurrence; a round-the-clock exhibit of tits, ass...
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Claudia Romani's ass belongs in The Louvre

Miami's neighborhood hottie, Claudia Romani , is back with her usual airing-out-the-ass antics. This little taste of Italy sure does look incredibly scintillating when doing what she loves to do – drawing attention to that snack pack she calls a booty. Whether bending over to grab something out the backseat of a car, crawling around a bed on all fours or sticking that thing out...
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Italian model Claudia Romani shows support for AC Milan ... with her ass

She may have been born in Italy but Claudia Romani spends much of her adult life roaming the beaches of Miami in bikinis so skimpy, they're guaranteed to get the attention of any paparazzi she comes across. Not only a fan of string bikini bottoms, the sexy import is also an avid soccer fan – excuse me, football – and she's out to prove it with a set of photos that shows...
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Claudia Romani does a red, white and blue handstand just for you, 'Murrica!

Being from Canada, I had my own mid-week break on the 1st for our national holiday (yes, we have one too!) but I know how excited y'all down south get for some flag-waving and fireworks. So, here's my contribution to your celebrations: some smoking hot pics of model Claudia Romani doing some handstands and other beach sexy business. She's wearing a Wonder Woman bathing suit,...
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Claudia Romani wants us all to know who owns that booty

With the first day of autumn rapidly approaching, we all know it sadly means that hotties such as Claudia Romani will trade in their days on the beach in a sexy bikini in a cabin by a fire in a sexy sweater with me. While it's wonderful news for me, it sadly means that you all will start to see less and less of these lovely ladies so scantily clad. For that, I apologize, but hopefully these...
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The Bikini Roundup - June 2014

Man, it's getting hot out there, both in terms of temperature and the number of hotties hitting the beaches in bikinis. We got close to 40 of these lovely ladies in all manner of the world's best beach wear and in all kinds of shapes and sizes. So do enjoy this little retrospective featuring some of June's best bikini moments. I can't wait to see what July brings!...
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The Bikini Roundup - May 2014

We here at Movie Hotties like to take a little time at the beginning of each month in this late spring and summer period, to showcase some of the fine celeb hotties who have taken to the beaches and resorts and poolsides of the world in the previous month. These are the hotties who wore that greatest of all beach wear, namely the bikini, yet perhaps aren't as famous as some of the other...
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Claudia Romani gives us all some Italiana lovin'

You know the absolute best thing about foreign countries? It's not necessarily the food or the culture or the amazing landscapes. No, my friends. It has to be the exported hotties. The hotties that we don't exactly see too much of in the states, so when a hot little Italian lady makes herself apparent, that's usually when I go a little crazy and start hitting myself in the head with a hammer...
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