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The Top 12 Babes of Christmas Movies

Christmas movies, we all watch them. Whether it's for the music or the giving spirit or just to have something to watch so that you don't have to directly communicate with your family during the holiday, it doesn't matter. Everyone loves a good Christmas movie. On the same note, everyone loves a hot babe. Hot babes IN a Christmas movie? Double score!!
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Clemence Poesy is super cute in Stylist magazine

I like French chicks. There's something about them that radiates the concept that they eat sex for breakfast. Between Melanie Laurent and Stylist magazine's current cover model, Clemence Poesy , I'm pretty darn happy with the state of hot blonde French chicks. For those of you who can't place the face to the name, Poesy was the hot chick Colin Farrell fell for in IN BRUGE, the hot chick from...
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