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Jennifer Love Hewitt sets a new STNDRD for hotties

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been making me feel like a very lucky punk lately. She feels like a high school crush who broke my heart, went away for several years to talk to ghosts like a crazy person, and then came back into my life to wear lingerie and give me massages. Feels good, man. Let's just hope this story has a happy ending (bud 'em che'). J-Love seems to have noticed the many...

Check out Jennifer Love Hewitt's sextastic new Client List promo

Remember last year when Jennifer Love Hewitt 's gargantuan cleavage invaded movie theater screens to promote the first season of her show, "The Client List"? Sure, it was a little misleading for anyone who tuned into that season premiere, but how can you be mad at her? Well, she's taking the same approach with the season 2 promo for "The Client List", perhaps even stepping it up a notch. If...

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