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Paulifornia's shoot with Brea Grant will have you craving to pet the kitty

Brea Grant has been making a career out of being a scream queen in lower budget horror movies these days, having passed on taking another stab at being on basic cable TV in shows like "Heroes" (she's super cute on "Eastsiders" though). In between roles in everything from SMOTHERED, BEYOND THE GATES and THE DEVIL'S DOLLS, Grant does these cute-as-a-button photoshoots where she both looks like...
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Bar Refaeli is a foxy, hippie, beach bum

Bar Refaeli did a photo spread for something called Fox, which Wikipedia informs me is an Israeli clothing company, playing a beach bum and a hippie for whatever reason. Are they trying to bring back the 60s as the new fashion trend in Israel? Are folks walking down Tel Aviv streets in bell bottoms and tie dyed shirts, running from Palestinian missiles coming over the wall? I suppose they...
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