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BOTB Wachowski Women: Christina Ricci vs Halle Berry vs Mila Kunis

There was about as much response from last week's battle of the biracial babes as there was for the movie (BLACK AND WHITE) that inspired it. But for those who chimed in, Kat Graham was the gal for you. This week, as we enter the world of a Wachowski PG-13 rated multi-universe Channing Tatum tainted sci-fi flick with JUPITER ASCENDING . I'm not saying it looks bad... for your average...
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Classic Hotties: Susan Sarandon

It seems like Susan Sarandon has spent the vast majority of her career playing the hot older woman. And when she wasn't playing a hot older woman she was a hot older woman for real. It's understandable she has this rep, as most of us didn't have a chance to get to know her until she was well into her 30s. Such a thing might have had negative consequences for other ladies in her...
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