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Hottie Report Card: Odette Yustman

Okay kids, simmer down now. I know what some of you are thinking: where's the report card for Kate Mara ? Well, before you go "clobberin' time" on my ass, thou shalt be aware we've already done hers, and it's right over here . Can't blame you for misplacing an invisible woman, especially one who happens to star a film with invisible...

BOTB Alien Invaders: AJ Michalka vs Jessica Lucas vs Rachael Taylor

I think everyone was suffering from TRANSFORMERS overload last week (I want to coin the term Baywhelmed for just those situations), so there wasn't a bunch of noise last week other than to say that Megan Fox is still popular, most people still don't like Rosie and a crop of you are growing to love you some Nicola. With the bewilderingly confident ad campaigns trying to convince me that...

BOTB Monster Movie Babes: Elizabeth Olsen vs Lizzy Caplan vs Radha Mitchell

It's hard to keep a good neighbor down, especially those who competed in last week's Battle of the Babes where many of you were resoundingly positive for all three, just a few more for Kaley Cuoco than for the others. It was a great week for the movie NEIGHBORS as well, besting the highest hopes the studio had for the movie with its SPIDER-MAN trumping #1 place at the box office. Now...

Face Off: Lake Bell vs. Lizzy Caplan

Yvonne Strahovski beat Rose Byrne by a few votes in last week's Face Off . Felt a little funny to be voting for the blonde over the brunette. That's not like me. But the heart wants what it wants. I've been wanting to feature Lake Bell in a Face Off for awhile, but I could never think of anyone to put up against her. Then I thought of Lizzy Caplan . These two are kind of similar...

We wish a Happy 28th birthday to the gorgeous Odette Annable

Seems like Odette Annable has been around for a lot longer than she has. Sure, many of us first became aware of her in KINDERGARTEN COP back when she was 4, but I'm talking about the current version. That one came onto my radar around the time of CLOVERFIELD. But shaky cam movies are a terrible way to appreciate such a beautiful face, so her hotness didn't fully register for me at...

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