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Ariel Winter plays pretend with some greatest hottie hits of yesteryear

I know 3 articles about Ariel Winter in one day is a lot, but I don't want to be different from the other kids. I'd be like the nerd in class. Sorry, I think I'm reverting to adolescent thinking after browsing through some of Ariel's pics in her new Cosmo spread. In case you couldn't tell, Ariel is recreating the look of various popular characters from teen-based movies from the 80s, 90s and...
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Stacey Dash and her immortal hotness kill it at the American Sniper premiere

I was just speaking about people who never get old in that Emily Kinney article. I suspect Stacey Dash might be the first of that new, forever young variety of humans to emerge from the gene pool. Stacey turns 48 in a few weeks. Which means she was just a biscuit below 30 when she did CLUELESS all those centuries ago. Amazing to think that the girl playing bestie to a high school age...
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Hailey Baldwin adds to the hotness of Baldwins 2.0

One of these days, when they reboot CLUELESS (because you know they will), they're going to have to cast Alicia Silverstone's little boy as the lead, so that he can talk about how certain girls look like total Baldwins. Because - wow - are the Baldwin brothers putting out some seriously good looking daughters into the world. After getting caught up with the gorgeous little pig...
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Hot or Not: Alicia Silverstone

Last week it seemed that most of you were in favor of watching a mature hottie from your youth grow into a even more mature woman and still be, in your own opinions, sexy. What about someone who was your age when you first discovered her and has grown along side you? That's the question I pose to you with this week's selection. Alicia Silverstone There was a time in the...
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