Christina Hendricks busts out in her signature green for the heroes

There's just something about a redheaded woman in a green dress, even if her hair color isn't natural. Christina Hendricks has poured herself into green in the past and there still isn't a letdown now, even if she's carrying a few extra pounds (clearly all in her bountiful chest). Christina was one of the presenters at the CNN Heroes: All Star Tribute. I'm thinking that that husband of hers...

Miranda Cosgrove brings some cuteness to the Heroes of CNN

You know what you should do in order to be consider my own personal hero? Remember to go check out our Hotties picture galleries and notice that I've been adding new faces that have long since needed to be in our system. You should vote on them, like the currently added Miranda Cosgrove , amongst others. After all, she was on hand for the CNN Heroes event, looking all grown-up and sexy and...

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