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Forget Shia, it was all about the Imogen Poots & Aaron Paul love in Berlin

Director Pascal Chaumeil has the great distinction of being an assistant director to Luc Besson on the classic movie, LEON (aka THE PROFESSIONAL). Take that knowledge, his work within the French film industry, an assist from popular novelist Nick Hornby and a cast that includes such greats as Toni Collette, Sam Neill and Pierce Brosnan (not to mention Rosamund Pike, "Breaking Bad"...

Natalie Portman is the cream between Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston's black tie cookies

When you've got a big budget flick like THOR: THE DARK WORLD to promote, you're going to be hitting up all of the big countries to spread around the hotness of the cast. This was the case as Natalie Portman hit up Berlin with her sexy Disney prince co-stars (come on, if Disney owns Marvel and Thor & Loki are princes, doesn't that make them Disney princes and much cooler all around than...

Are Bullock and Clooney getting pulled in by each other's gravity?

They make a nice couple, don't they? George Clooney and Sandra Bullock were at the Venice Film Festival's screening of their near-Earth orbit nail-biter GRAVITY yesterday, looking really happy to be in the company of one another. Makes sense, the two of them. They're both single, both huge stars, both rich as Roosevelt and of approximate ages. They could do worse than take up with one...

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