Maria Menounos was hot at the SAGs, but even hotter on the sidewalks

Maria Menounos was looking real fine at the SAG awards last night. Of course, Maria always looks real fine. That's just how it is when you're carrying around an ass like that - an ass Maria is fully aware her public demands to be exposed to whenever possible. These pics from last week are the perfect evidence of that. Observe her emerging from the car in her winter coat, looking all warm...

Oh hai, sexy redheaded, long legged Emma Stone!

Boy, did I miss the redheaded Emma Stone . It was crazy. When I found out that blonde was her actual natural color, I felt a little dizzy and passed out in my living room, falling on and consequently breaking the glass table. When I awoke, though, it was okay. I would ask myself, "Is she still attractive? Does she still look lovely? Is she still responding to your text messages within a five...

Dianna Agron proves that she is the definition of beauty

If the day ever comes along when I somehow impregnate a woman and she gives birth to it, I hope it's a son. I also hope that son will one day come up to me and say, "Dad. What's beautiful?" I'll repeat the question to myself and take a long draw from my pipe and rub my chin. I'll snap my fingers and say, "Ah, yes, my boy! Come to my study!" There, I'll turn on my computer and show him these...

Christina Hendricks may or may not be naked under this coat, so let's just say she is

There are two thought running through my mind whilst looking at these images of Christina Hendricks in a tan coat dress. One is "oh my good god boobs" as usual, and the other is "what does she have on underneath?". Lingerie? A clown suit? Nothing? I think I'm gonna go with that third one. Christina attended a press conference for "Mad Men" strapped in a coat which emphasizes her...

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