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The Hottie Stop interviews Alice Eve from Star Trek Into Darkess!

Alice Eve is the stunning British actress who has made quite an impression in the last few years with turns in films like SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE, SEX AND THE CITY 2, MEN IN BLACK 3, and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. Let's face it, you know who she is. She's one of the most beautiful women walking the planet at the moment - and a really talented actress to boot. Now she's...
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Hottie Report Card: Alice Eve

The Hottie Report Card is an idea meant to revive some of that old-school "Movie Hotties" magic, and spur innocent, light-hearted discussion over what makes a "hottie". It's also a way to reanimate the concept of "The Body Shop" from back in the day , but mainly just another fun column with many pictures involved. I'm unsure as to how you schmoes...
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