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Tasty Rita Ora was a colorful rainbow on the X-Factor red carpet

I guess X-Factor is still going strong in the UK, even if it seems as if the winners of the talent search aren't heard from after they're crowned. At least, as far as us Yanks are concerned. So far, the highlight of this show is figuring out who they're going to bring on as their pop culture judges. This year they're adding Rita Ora to the mix, a great choice if only for us fans who love to...
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Dianna Agron is the loveliest fruit in the basket at the Summer Samba

I gotta admit - as much as I love Dianna Agron for being one of the most classically and undeniably beautiful women in Hollywood right now (seriously, wasn't she painfully pretty in THE FAMILY?), at times I find her to be a bit of a wet noodle when it comes to her off-camera personality. Sure, she's awesome to look at even when she's emoting on the same level as a golden...
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Lucy Liu gets creamed in the face by Jimmy Fallon

Ahem. Excuse me, Ms Lucy Liu , but what are you doing on Jimmy Fallon's show, being all chatty about going to the Super Bowl, visiting with family and blabbing about your hit show, "Elementary" when you could have taken a second to brag about your Battle of the Babes WIN a couple weeks back against the other CBS hotties? Hmmmmm? You'd think that you'd show some proper appreciation to the...
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