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The always adorable Lily Collins can even make construction paper look sexy

Well, thank God for that. When I wrote my last article about this absolute cutie about a week ago , I kind of thought that it would be the last one for a while. Thankfully, I was totally and completely wrong as a photoshoot with Lily Collins and a bunch of construction paper has surfaced thanks to something called Barrie Knitwear Collection, which manages to look super adorable and actually...
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Emily Ratajkowski is putting me in the Christmas mood (and in a naughty one)

I usually hate seeing Christmas themed things early in the month. It reminds me that I'm poor and don't have any presents to buy my friends and family and it puts me in a pretty rotten mood. I'm just kidding. I don't have any friends or family. Anyway, understand my surprise when I first saw these pictures. At first, I was all like, "Bah! Humbug!" at the thought of seeing just another sexy...
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