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Hot or Not: Addison Timlin

There are times when I have a severely alternate perspective on someone I feature as a Hot or Not pick of the week. It doesn't necessarily mean that I've run out of potential Hot or Not candidates, more that I'm looking to see if there's anyone else who shares my differing view. Then there's those I feature because they've been popping up more frequently in movies, television and whatnot...
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Hot or Not: Amy Poehler

Anyone here recall knowing someone from a family that had a mom and a dad who'd been married and never divorced? Seems as if those couples are the albatrosses of our society among those in the Gen X and younger age demographics. Sanctity of marriage and all that haven't meant squat in the past 30-40 years or so which is probably why it's taken as long as it has for a movie like A.C.O.D....
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Battle of the Babes Popstar Edition: Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera vs Fergie

First set of BOB Popstars edition, we found a winner with only one vote over another competitor (Hilary Duff) and in the second set of the BOB Popstars installments, another one vote win (Ariana Grande). So since we went through the most current Disney popstars to the most current Nickelodeon popstars to now... the classics who were on TV shows in their younger years and are still making...
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Battle of the Babes Popstar Edition: Adriana Grande vs Victoria Justice vs Miranda Cosgrove

I think there were a number of you who might have gotten the point when I posted the FIRST in a series of battles, starting off with the chicks of Disney who have released pop albums. There will be more popstars. There will be more battles. There will be an ultimate winner. If you're reading this now, explain it to those in the comment box who clearly didn't again. Let them know that...
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Hot or Not: Karen Gillan

I might spend an uncomfortably affordable time ragging on a couple of items (I don't really hate Dr. Who, I watched it when I was a kid, I just cringe at the cultish behavior of its current followers - and contrary to all those jumping so valiantly to Alison Brie's defense - I don't HATE the chick. I just find so many other actress far more deserving of even a fraction of the seemingly...
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Battle of the Canadian Babes Round Three: Shay Mitchell vs Cobie Smulders vs Emily VanCamp

Last week's battle was interesting. While I might be one of the few who will forever pledge my allegiance to Emmanuelle Chriqui, I was surprised that I'm not as alone as I thought I was. Thinking it would be a run-away for Evangeline Lilly, I'm happy to say that Manny C only lost to the Lost babe by ONE vote. That's enough to keep me happy for a long time. Now onto this week, two...
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Hot or Not: Julianna Margulies

Years ago, when I was still young and spry, I got very sick with the flu. I can only remember a couple of other times that I'd gotten the flu and they were both when I got a flu shot and they both were worse than just contracting it the old-fashioned way. So during that time when I was couch-ridden, I started watching the reruns of what had been one of the most popular dramas of the...
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Top Ten Sexiest Ladies of the '80's

When I was young, I had such a thing for Billy Joel. My mother was concerned, my dad would sit around and play his records with me and I would tell strangers, "I wanna grow up and marry Billy Joel!" I can't remember how old I was at the time, I just recall being too young to know any better, but bizarrely aware enough to get the point. Fixtures from a time when we were young, wishing to be...
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Hot or Not: Natasha Lyonne

Let me tell you something. I'm kinda in the old realm. I'm not an X'er, I'm not a "Millennial." I remember "Where's the Beef?" just as well as I recall "Hey Arnold!" and that sick obsession the unibrowed blonde girl had for the football headed neighbor of hers. So picture this: I can remember when Robert Downey Jr was young. As in, I watched movies like WEIRD SCIENCE and JOHNNY BE GOOD...
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Hot or Not: Taylor Momsen

With her 20th birthday fast approaching (July 26th), I thought we could start to analyze this week's Hot or Not selection with more of an adult perspective and less of a creepy, pedo-style way. Like it or not, this Gossip Girl is officially a big girl now. Taylor Momsen When Taylor was first striking out on her path to become the next Courtney Love styled singer, with...
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Hot or Not: Tania Raymonde

The name might sound unfamiliar and if you look at one or two (or all) of these pictures I'm using, you're probably going to stop and tap a finger to your chin, thinking that she looks familiar but you just can't place her from right where. Hint: Since there's been all this "former child star mayhem" in the news, I thought we'd take one who hasn't been a whirlwind of cray-cray....
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Battle of the Babes #254: FINALS!! Jenna Fischer vs Lauren Cohan vs Olga Kurylenko

I want to give some acknowledgement to all of you for being so actively involved in the recent battles that have been going on for the past couple of months. It's taken a long time to whittle down 3 of the hottest women on the basic cable channels, the other than the big 3 cable channels and the pay to view their potential nudity channels. Kaley Cuoco was beaten out by the closest...
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