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Red hot Selena Gomez is back & shining on the AMA red carpet

Selena Gomez has been taking it easy for a few month, regaining her strength from her ongoing battle with Lupus, but she was back in finer than fine form for the American Music Awards, looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous on the red carpet in a simple bright red frock that highlighted her petite frame. While at the awards, Gomez took home the Favorite Female Artist honors and gave a passionate...
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I am totally good with Thora Birch making a comeback

A couple weeks ago she popped up at the Hollywood Film Awards and even Droz called it when he featured her in a Flashback Friday where all of you responded enthusiastically. But as far as the Hollywood machine goes, Thora Birch has been largely... at large. In a magazine that I've never heard of called No Tofu, the indie darling actress of the early 00's puts forth a great photoshoot...
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Paris Hilton returns after a 12 year exile (in a bikini, too)

Okay, look, I'm not saying that I like Paris Hilton . I don't even like Paris, France, but the fact that the girl has pretty much been M.I.A. for the last 12 years, it seems, and has just now reappeared looking pretty, decently okay in a bikini…that's something that has to be addressed, right?  For the record, I'm no conspiracy theorist, but why are these...
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Kirsten Dunst is looking nicely vertical at the Upside Down premiere

I might not have caught Kirsten Dunst's big "comeback" when she did MELANCHOLIA (while I loved BREAKING THE WAVES, Lars von Trier lost me completely with DANCER IN THE DARK and especially the agonizingly retched DOGVILLE), I have been getting into her more grown-up roles in flicks like ALL THE GOOD THINGS. Fine, so I watched that because I love the Gosling, as most women do. But she was great...
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