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Amy Schumer drops the hottie bomb in Vanity Fair

I get it. A lot of people didn't think that TRAINWRECK was funny (on the whole, it wasn't, but I'd watch that movie over and over again just to see John Cena kill it) and even more think that Amy Schumer is unfunny, overweight, obnoxious, etc, etc, etc, ad naseum. This is what happens when someone breaks out and suddenly is thrust into the world's collective face as a new...
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Sarah Silverman gave good tongue at TrevorLive

There's nothing quite like a Sarah Silverman red carpet appearance. From showing off her impressive breasts at the premiere of I SMILE BACK to turning a WRECK-IT RALPH appearance into something less than kid-friendly , Silverman has mastered the art of posing comedically provocative. You both want to laugh with her and do naughty, naughty things to her. Especially when she gives the...
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Kathy Griffin's 53 & feeling frisky as she poses for Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields is one of those photographers with a shtick that he rarely strays from. Much like you get to see pervy Terry Richardson's models pose with his big geek glasses against a white backdrop, Shields tends to put his ladies in compromising situations with cutting utensils (and various takes on the oral fixation theme - most recently memorable when he had Abigail Breslin posing...
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Sarah Silverman cuddles with Kristen Bell, takes pot shots at Walt Disney at the Friends of Saban Annual Dinner Gala

Sarah Silverman has never been known as a comedienne with tact, but when she was performing for the audience that gathered at the Friends of the Saban Community Clinic annual dinner gala on Tuesday, she took aim at one of the icons who's image has been most fervently protected over the years. "I shouldn't mention Walt Disney being a Holocaust denier in this room,...
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Aubrey Plaza hits up the Writers Guild Awards, cozies up to Amy Poehler

While hanging out at the Writers Guild Awards, Aubrey Plaza bumped into her "Parks and Recreation" costar, Amy Poehler and the two looked quite comfy taking pictures together. From what I've heard, P&R has a very close-knit cast, something I wasn't sure would sound like a good thing. When a sweater is knit too tightly, it can become warped out of shape and not allow air to breathe, causing...
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